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Medium-term management plan

Medium-term management plan

Cross Marketing Group is a comprehensive marketing solutions company that helps clients solve a wide range of marketing issues, based on an understanding of consumers through marketing research. Since its establishment, the company has continued to grow while expanding its business domain.

In recent years, the business environment in the marketing field has become increasingly important due to the accelerating digital shift and DX (Digital Transformation) of marketing processes, in addition to the spread of theCOVID-19. Furthermore,
ESOMAR(*1) has renewed the definition of the research market, which the company also belongs to, as "an industry that collects and analyzes a variety of data and provides insights to clients"(*2). Due to this change, the global market size has doubled to 10 trillion yen.

In light of these circumstances, the company has been promoting various initiatives as part of the "DX Action" plan since 2021, and has formulated the medium-term management plan "DX Action 2024" in order to continue to grow as one.
For more details, please refer to the following link.

Medium-term management plan [DX Action 2024](PDF:7.19MB)

*1 European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research
*2 ESOMAR “Global Market Research 2020”