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  • Mar. 2022

    Acquired REECH Inc. , Norfre Food Inc. , Norfre Communications Inc. as a consolidated subsidiary

  • Mar. 2022

    Cross Marketing Inc. merged Shopper's Eye, Inc.

  • Jan. 2022

    Acquired Skip Inc. as a consolidated subsidiary

  • jul.2021

    metasite Inc. established

  • Jan. 2021

    Acquired DO HOUSE Inc. as a consolidated subsidiary

  • Oct. 2020

    Cross Marketing Inc. merged Research & Development Inc.

  • Jan. 2020

    withwork Inc. established

  • Nov. 2019

    Supotant and Cross J Tech Inc. merged and changed its trade name to Fittio Inc.

  • Oct. 2018

    Cross Communication Inc. acquired whole share of Supotant Co., Ltd.

  • Aug. 2018

    Cross Marketing Inc. opened Nagoya branch

  • Apr. 2018

    Resarch & Development Inc. merged UTIL Inc.

  • Apr. 2018

    Cross Ventures Inc. established

  • Mar. 2018

    Karada Laboratory Inc. established

  • Mar. 2018

    Listed to the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • May. 2016

    Acquired Mixi Research Inc. as a consolidated subsidiary, changed the company's name to "Shopper's Eye, Inc.".

  • Jan. 2016

    Established Cross Marketing Group USA , Ltd. In United States as a consolidated subsidiary

  • Nov. 2015

    Acquired Jupiter MR solutions Co.,Ltd., Inc. as a consolidated subsidiary

  • Oct. 2015

    Established Cross Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. In Thailand as a consolidated su

  • Sep. 2015

    Cross Communication Acquired shares in JIN SOFTWARE Co., Ltd.

  • Apr. 2015

    Medilead, Inc. established , D&M, Inc. established

  • Apr. 2015

    Cross Communication established Cross Propworks as a subsidiary in Hakodate, Hokkaido

  • Feb. 2015

    Acquired Research & Development, Inc. as a consolidated subsidiary

  • Nov. 2014

    Acquired shares in KADENCE Int'l Business Research Pte. Ltd

  • May. 2014

    Headquarters relocated to Shinjuku, Tokyo

  • Sep. 2013

    Established Cross Marketing Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore as a consolidated subsidiary

  • Aug. 2013

    Acquired shares in Markelytics Solutions Private Limited and MedePanel Online Inc.

  • Jun. 2013

    Holding Company, Cross Marketing Group Inc., established.
    Publicly listed on the Mothers section of the Tokyo stock exchange

  • Apr. 2013

    UNCOVER TRUTH begins sales operations as a consolidated subsidiary

  • May. 2012

    Cross Marketing China Inc. begins sales operations as a consolidated subsidiary

  • Aug. 2011

    Cross Communication Inc. begins sales operations as a consolidated company Transferred over a portion of Index Inc.'s mobile solution business

  • Feb. 2011

    Partnered with Rakuten Research Inc. to develop a panelist database

  • Aug. 2010

    Capital and business alliance in the mobile research field formed with Net Asia Co., Ltd.

  • Jul. 2009

    Acquired EC Research Inc.

  • Jul. 2009

    Large-scale development of a research panel and related services in alliance with SPiRE, Inc. and NetMile Incorporated

  • May. 2009

    Became a member of Japan Marketing Research Association (JMRA)

  • May. 2009

    Acquired Research and Survey Inc.

  • Apr. 2009

    Succeeded the NS-Shop business from Cybozu Media and Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Oct. 2008

    Listed on the Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • Sep. 2008

    Started, an Internet research service, together with Credit Saison Co., Ltd. and Research Panel, Inc.

  • Jan. 2008

    Began offering "REAL CROSS 2," which allows clients to easily tabulate and graph data on their own

  • May. 2006

    Dissolved the alliance formed in October 2003 with and began a capital and business alliance with EC Navi (currently Voyage Group) and its subsidiary Research Panel, Inc.

  • Mar. 2006

    Released "REAL CROSS," an application to simplify tabulation

  • Sep. 2004

    Certified by JIPDEC as a Privacy Mark Enterprise

  • Jan. 2004

    Relocated Headquarters from Shibuya, Tokyo, to Ginza, Tokyo

  • Oct. 2003

    Formed an alliance with (currently Voyage Group) to recruit panelists

  • Apr. 2003

    Cross Marketing established as an online market research service provider