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Cross Marketing Group Inc. ("CMG") specifies the purpose(s) of use and notifies the purpose(s) of use as well as contact details in advance when asking for or using personal information and obtains or uses personal information solely within the scope of the stated purpose(s) of use. Also, CMG will take appropriate control measures to protect personal information from handling beyond the necessary scope (using to the extent that goes beyond the stated purpose(s) of use).

CMG takes appropriate control measures of obtained personal information and does not disclose or provide such personal information except with the consent of the individual from whom the personal information was obtained or when complying with laws and regulations. CMG manages personal information obtained when accepting applications for questionnaires and events in a format that does not include an individual's identity and uses such information in the course of business activities. CMG also uses such personal information for the purposes of responding, notification and sending gifts to applicants.

CMG will endeavor to protect obtained information from unauthorized access, leakage, modification, loss or destruction and will implement corrective actions. CMG will collect and manage personal information under strict security control measures.

CMG understands the importance of protecting personal information and will take as strict security control measures as possible to protect personal information. Complaints, questions and other inquiries regarding protection and control of personal information should be directed to the Personal Information Handling Desk.

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