Cross Marketing Group

Management Policy

President's Message

We express our sincere appreciations for your continued support.

Cross Marketing Group Inc. successfully got listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in March 2018. Thank you again for your continued patronage and support.
In 2018, the milestone year, we had worked on every single activity with high motivation, like breaking a new starting line. As a result, our core domestic research business has continued to grow steadily, and IT solutions business has been enlarging as a new core business. In addition, we have achieved business expansion and constant sales growth for 15 consecutive years since its establishment.

With the determination to continue the challenge in order to realize the dreams of customers and clear a path for our future, we designed its business philosophy in the beginning of fiscal year 2019. We have expressed the mission for a society as "Discover Something New". Also, in order to show our attitude that we do the best for customers and our team with positive perspective, we have set our vision as “Just go for it.”
With this mission and vision in our mind, in the current fiscal year, we steadily promote the areas of "digital marketing," "medical" and others, and make proactive investments to continue the development of new businesses in the IT area and strengthen profitability in Japan and overseas businesses. By promoting such initiatives, we aim to achieve consolidated revenue of ¥ 20 billion yen for the first time as a group in the fiscal year 2019.

Going forward, with the aim of achieving continued growth for the entire group, Cross Marketing Group will continue to promote further businesses and growth.

We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement
April, 2019
Miki Igarashi
President & CEO