Cross Marketing Group

Financial Information

Statements of Income


(Thousand yen)
Net sales16,758,09317,491,889
Cost of sales10,135,58911,062,344
Gross profit6,622,5046,429,545
Selling, general and administrative expenses5,895,9835,474,856
Operating profit726,521954,690
Non-operating income
Interest and dividend income4,00113,334
Subsidy income15,00728,795
Total non-operating income29,24454,810
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses33,53135,393
Share of loss of entities accounted for using equity method92,961109,341
Foreign exchange losses29,2635,194
Total non-operating expenses158,455169,760
Ordinary profit597,310839,739
Extraordinary income
Gain on change in equity-164,861
Gain on reversal of share acquisition rights-3,216
Total extraordinary income-168,077
Extraordinary losses
Loss on valuation of shares of subsidiaries and associates-4,874
Impairment loss951,214-
Total extraordinary losses951,2144,874
Profit (loss) before income taxes-353,9051,002,943
Income taxes - current377,688512,918
Income taxes - deferred9,984-26,499
Total income taxes387,672486,420
Profit (loss)-741,576516,523
Profit (loss) attributable to non-controlling interests-38,5089,879
Profit (loss) attributable to owners of parent-703,068506,644