Cross Marketing Thailand changes its company name to Kadence Thailand

January 11, 2019 Tokyo – Cross Marketing Group Inc. (Cross Marketing Group) announced that one of the group companies operating in Thailand, Cross Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. changed its company name to Kadence International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Kadence Thailand) as of January 3, 2019.

Kadence International which is main marketing research global boutique in Cross Marketing Group has been operating in eleven offices, nine countries including UK and Singapore. This company name change to Kadence is part of brand integration strategy.

Cross Marketing Group established Cross Marketing Thailand to start business in Thailand in November 2015. Since then, Cross Marketing Thailand has been expanding its business and has been participated in projects around Southeast Asia to support its clients’ significant decisions

Kadence Thailand will continue to expand its business through collaborating with Kadence International offices across the world and maximizing synergies in order to offer services which will exceed clients’ expectations.