Cross Marketing Group

Management Policy

Medium-term Management Plan

Active expansion of business domains and business areas:
Accelerating the laying of the groundwork for achieving Asia's No. 1 position

Basic policy

Strategy by segment

We will pursue one-stop service to become a market research partner of customers.

We will establish a system that will enable the Group to provide every service related to market research as a one-stop service and will continue to help customers make decisions as a market research partner.
We aim to achieve steady growth in cooperation with Group companies using cutting-edge technologies in our services, primarily in Internet research, our core service.

We will build a network covering the entire Asia region and will help Japanese, European, and U.S. global companies to develop their international operations.

We acquired shares in Kadence Group in November 2014, and as a result, Cross Marketing Group has three offices in Japan and 17 offices in eight foreign countries. We will establish a system for providing a one-stop service to Japanese, European, and U.S. global companies to become Asia’s No. 1 marketing group.

IT solutions business

We will achieve steady growth in the existing business while investing in new services.

On the back of the shift of focus in the market to smartphones, we are working aggressively to gain new customers through active marketing. Meanwhile, we are continuously receiving orders for development projects from existing customers. Against a backdrop of strong orders, from this fiscal year, we will build a system that will allow us to respond to the needs of more customers and cut costs, establishing a nearshore base in Hakodate, Hokkaido for the development, creation, and operation of applications for websites and smartphones and verification testing.

Other businesses

We will develop operations in Asia in earnest and will continue to release new services.
UNCOVER TRUTH, which commenced operations in 2013, provides Web and application analysis and UI and UX consulting. It is gradually gaining new customers and is promoting new services and overseas operations. It will seek further growth.

Numerical Target

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Net sales
Net sales
Ordinary income
Ordinary income
  The medium-term plan covers the three-year period from 2015 to 2017